About Us

Years ago, my wife made marshmallows as a dish for a dinner party, and they were a huge hit. What was supposed to be an entertaining food product became an obsession. I tinkered with flavor combinations, researched and altered recipes, and caused many messes along the way.

After being laid off from my high tech gig in 2009, I decided to start Marvelous Marshmallows.

I found a good base recipe, but wanted to make it great. By accident, I chanced upon changing portions of the recipe and made a better marshmallow.

We opened at the Willow Glen Farmers' Market in May 2010 to lots of stares, and curiousity seekers, but everyone who tried them loved them.

These marshmallows are unlike any you've tried from the store. They're light, airy, soft, and squishy; in a word, they are, "Marvelous". The flavors are intense, they hold up well in hot liquids, great for dipping in chocolate fondue, they make fantastic s'mores... toasted cinnamon marshmallow in a s'more? Sounds like perfection to me!

Add them to fruit salads for a little extra surprise for your guests!

They've been described as "Incredible", "Marvelous", "Yummy", "best marshmallow I've had."

Add a little extra flavor to coffee, hot cocoa, tea, s'mores, or just eat them straight.