What do you use to flavor Marvelous Marshmallows?

We use high quality, premium, natural flavorings wherever possible. For example, raspberry flavor is made by using powdered, freeze dried raspberries, you may even hit some seeds! Vanilla is flavored using ground vanilla beans, and premium vanilla extract.

Are Marvelous Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Most flavors are gluten and fat free. Mallows with graham crackers, or cookies are not gluten free. All our chocolate and nut flavors contain some fat from the chocolate and nuts used in the ingredients.

Are Marvelous Marshmallows Vegetarian?

No. Marvelous Marshmallows contain gelatin. Gelatin is used to create structure, and give the marshmallows their body.

Do Marvelous Marshmallows contain High Fructose Corn Syrup?

No. There is no HFCS in Marvelous Marshmallows. We use regular corn syrup to keep the marshmallows from becoming grainy. Corn syrup is used to keep the mixture stable.

How long will Marvelous Marshmallows Remain Soft?

Our marshmallows are made fresh, and meant to be enjoyed in a short period of time.
If you intend to store them, some suggestions:
- Keep in an airtight container at room temperature out of direct sunlight.
- It is OK to refrigerate or freeze, but quality may be affected (allow to come to room temperature before eating.)
We've had marshmallows sitting for months in airtight containers, and they remain soft. They may develop a little "crust" on the outside, but will melt or toast perfectly. They can also be "revived" with a quick 5 second zap in the microwave.